Here is just a sample of other embroidery projects I have done.  If there is something special you would like me to do, just ask.  Call at 631-669-8989 or e-mail me at:

Take this beautiful mini pocket Angel with you where ever you go. The mini pocket Angel is an embroidered piece. The size is 1 ½” x 1 1/8”. You can see the size comparison with the quarter. The Angel will fit in your pocket, change purse, wallet, sock, and purse or where ever you would like to keep it with you. The Angel comes in a little organza  bag with a card imprinted with the saying;

“An Angel in your pocket to follow you around, to bring you joy and comfort helps keep you safe and sound”.

You can choose whatever your favorite color is; burgundy, green, light green, dark blue, beige, white etc. The picture is just a sampling of some of the colors that I have made. All you have to do is decide on a color and the Angel will be off to you in no time at all. They are $6.50 each with .50 shipping.  Check out my GildasGoodies1 site on Etsy.


Apron for the Father to be, usually presented at baby shower

Apron for the Father to be, usually presented at baby shower

Apron for a little girl, note the pink tool box.

Thomas T-shirt for the little ones

Softie which is washable and cuddly can be any color


Nana's Little Sweetheart on a little  sequined sweater

Cute t-shirt 

Paisley design on a sweatshirt

Welcome sign for our Luau. 

A beautiful Hummel design in a frame for my grandson. 

12 days of Christmas bedding with embroidered pillow shams. 

A shirt for a mom with her two daughters names. 

Butterflies on a denim jacket for a good friend. 

Funny shirt a friend asked me to do. 

Door hanging for my great nephew. 

A logo for a client.